Inter Surveillance Systems

With a Surveillance System installed anywhere in your office, warehouse or even shop etc connected to the internet, you have a system where by you can check, record and view that site, at any time and anyway from a remote site such as your home or another office. You couldn't do this with traditional Surveillance Systems. Video Recording as also being much easier & more flexible with a variety of media of your choice, such as DVD discs, Computer Removable Hard Disks, SAN Storages etc... You are no longer restricted using only VCR Tapes!

At any one time using 1-16 frequency channels, these Internet Surveillance System can display on 1 monitor many locations such as Office, Warehouse shop and even places on the other side of the world you have surveillance camera install!

IT Communication between Hong Kong and Mainland China

Since China has joined the WTO and Hong Kong gaining the CEPA recognition, corporate companies have taken this chance to use IT successfully to develop their business with very positive results. With more companies using the internet as their means of communications, security of data and data transfer between partners and customers have been more of a concern. The most secure and cost effective way today when today when 2 offices (One in Hong Kong and the other in Mainland China) communicate & carry out data transfers throught the internet is by using VPN and it's technologies. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN uses SSH, SSH-1, SHH-2 IPSEC and PPTP to help secure and encrypt whatever data is been transmit on the internet from one site to another site..

When using VPN connections between Hong Kong and Mainland China, the data transferred is secure and PCs of both ends of the VPN connections can seen as if they were all on the same network. Mobile or Roaming users of a network can still connect to their network's VPN with internet broadband dial up of modem dial up as VPN is not only restricted to site to site connections, it also supports clients to site connections. With VPN connections, data communications are much more secure between 2 sites (Hong Kong and Mainland China).

Besides using VPN as means of secure data transfer and communications, VPN can also be used to transmit voice using VoIP technologies. With VoIP on VPN networks it can help companies make reduce or even cut back on IDD telephone costs.