Email / Website Hosting

What is Email?
Email stands for Electronic Mail. In the Oxford Dictionary email is defined as "the system of sending messages by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network."

When most companies in Hong Kong today apply & install for Broadband Internet access for their network, they also have to think about email accounts for there staff. We at Manmachine can provide Email hosting & related services for customers who's companies having an email server(s) to send & receive email on their network is not economical for them. Email today have changed a lot. Besides receiving your normal emails, from time, one might receive lots of junk mail or virus email. These emails could damage one's computer system's operation or network system. As an IT MIS of network this could be a major headache. At Manmachine besides providing email hosting service we also have what we call value added services for email. These value added services included Virus Checking: Email Junk Filtering & SPAM Mail Blocking. With these service add, we make it safer for you to receive your email on your computer. Reduction in Virus, Junk & SPAM emails meaning less like likelihood of computer down  time & more productive work done.

Beside our email hosting services, we also can help companies host their company web site contents using their company Internet domain name.


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