Manmachine Systems Consultants Ltd.
was established since 1990. From era of Apple ll, Micro computer XT series to powerful CPU and Internet based period, we are developing our company altogether with Hong Kong society....

Brand Name PCs/ Clone TECA PC

HP, Compaq & IBM ..
We sell both varies Brand Name PCs, Notebook Computer and Servers, along with our Clone PC Brand TECA.

System Maintenance
- Periodically routine check up service
- Upgrade hardware
- Software installation and training
Email / Web Hosting

Setup your company portal  
We provide Email / Web hosting  for customers who's companies having an email server(s) to send & receive emailon their network.
Company Maintenance Service
Network Engineering Service
Internet Surveillance Systems
Are you company annoyed with the recruitment of IT staff?  We Providing the clients with best quality computer maintenance service is our main target.
IT Communication between Hong Kong and China, Using VPN connections between HK and China, the data transferred is secure and PCs of both ends can seen as on the same network.


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